Ann and Celeste: A Docudrama

2004 Winner of the Oscar Horovitz Memorial Award,

by Amateur Movie Makers Association (AMMA)


Ann and Celeste: A Docudrama

   This is not just an account of one woman’s struggle with a severe eating disorder, but is the story of her friend, who was trying to be supportive, but felt powerless to help.

   The story begins in 1999 when Ann asked a friend of hers, Celeste, for a favor. Ann had been on deaths doorstep dozens of times over the past years, had been in and out of intensive care, in and out of residential care facilities and off and on welfare. Ann wanted a video to be made about her in the hope that it might deter others from becoming vulnerable to this terrible disease.

   Filming takes place over a 4-year period, viewing Ann in her residential care facilities, hospitals and doctors offices and during therapy sessions.

   People are fascinated by stories such as Ann’s, but the larger question was why Celeste maintained her friendship with Ann over the years. The documentary explores this and comes to the conclusion that Ann’s story is also Celeste’s story.