storytelling through video


My Favorite


Applauding the Cecilias

A peek into the lives of four beautiful,young classical musicians.

Ann and Celeste: A Docudrama

The account of one woman’s struggle with a severe eating disorder and her friend, who was trying to be supportive but felt powerless to help.


Beyond the Belly Dance

True stories of women, friends and bonding who have found a new and added rhythm to their lives.

One Minute Videos

Creating one-minute videos has been among my most enjoyable endeavors.


Joyce Axelrod

I have been working in video production for about thirteen years, mainly producing video projects for non-profit organizations, free of any charge.

It is my intent through making videos to tell stories and to evoke emotions in others.

My work varies. One example is a promotional video I created for the Volcan Mountain  Foundation in Julian, California. Others have been for California non-profit organizations such as the National Conflict Resolution Center and the Playwrights Project.

In recent years, the subject of my documentaries have celebrated women doing extra-ordinary things.

Applauding the Cecilias 
A classical string ensemble made up of all young,very talented women

Seniors Rock! 
Senior women who are serious 
basketball players

Beyond the BellyDance
A dedicated troupe of belly dancers
of all ages and shapes

Taking a Stand
Artist Viviana Lombrozo creates a stunning one woman show at the Gotthelf Art Gallery.

Source and Process
Local sculptor,Anne Mudge, prepares for her one-woman show at the San Diego State University Art Gallery.

Most recently, I produced the retirement tribute video celebrating  Jill Borg Spitzer’s 26 years as CEO of the San Diego Jewish Family Service. 

And, in production, is a video celebrating Lenore Bohm, 
who 30 years ago became San Diego’s 
first woman rabbi.
Celebrating Jill
After 26 years, Jewish Family Service of San Diego CEO Jill Borg Spitzer is retiring leaving a healthy, fiscally sound agency in her
Seniors Rock!
Have you ever heard of a basketball team with women players over 50 years old? How about over age 80? Seniors_Rock%21.htmlSeniors_Rock%21.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0